Ticket Evolution's Affiliate API Documentation

Documentation for building platforms using Ticket Evolution's Affiliate Program.


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Getting Started

To become a Ticket Evolution (TEvo) affiliate, first step is to get your account and API credentials created. Please contact our business development team to get setup on our platform.

Once you received your API credentials, you can start building against our Demo environment. This environment allows full capabilities to view and purchase tickets. The information provided in this documentation will provide you with everything you need to build your platform.

If you are planning on building multiple applications or websites, each will require it's own set of credentials. This will allow for the tracking of orders specific to each platform.


The typical user flow for most event ticket websites follow a similar pattern:

Customer performs a search for either:

Once the desired event is found, a call gets made to pull in all of the available tickets for that event via the Ticket Groups endpoint.

Once the desired tickets are found & selected by the client, an Order post is created to purchase those tickets through our API.

After the order is placed, the typical next steps are to present a confirmation number & details (See the response section on the Order post documentation. about the order to the customer.

If you feel you need more direction, please see the How to get started page.

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