Performers are an entity who will be playing/competing/performing at the Event. A performer could be a:

  • Band (Guns ‘N’ Roses)
  • Team (New Orleans Saints)
  • Individual musician (Billy Joel)
  • Speaker (Dave Ramsey)
  • Comedian (Amy Schumer)
  • Annual Event (Kentucky Derby)
  • Play/Musical/Theatrical Performance (Hamilton)

Each performer should have their own “landing page” which includes information about that performer and shows any upcoming Events for that performer. Because the Ticket Evolution catalog includes over 45000 Performers, these pages are dynamically created and usually use the slug property of the Performer to create the URL. In the case of the Arizona Diamondbacks the slug is arizona-diamondbacks and your URL might look something like

To generate such a page you should retrieve the Performer slug from the URL, which in the example of would be arizona-diamondbacks. Then two API requests are made, the first one being Performers / Show in order to retrieve information about the performer.

After making the Performer / Show API request, the id of the Performer (15556 in this example) can be used to display upcoming Events using the Events / Index endpoint.

Example request:

Request to /performers/arizona-diamondbacks using cURL:

curl -i \
-X GET \
-H "X-Signature: Eha/EE1EbP8mYqmf72AYOq0ee641Y/Q6EoRgDGv1+zM=" \
-H "X-Token: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" \
--url ''

Example response:

"id": 15556,
"name": "Arizona Diamondbacks",
"keywords": "",
"popularity_score": "0.643222",
"url": "/performers/15556",
"slug_url": "/performers/arizona-diamondbacks",
"updated_at": "2014-05-08T13:08:46Z",
"upcoming_events": {
"first": "2017-06-18T13:35:00Z",
"last": "2017-10-01T14:15:00Z"
"meta": {
"meta_description": null,
"meta_keywords": null,
"nofollow": false,
"noindex": false,
"canonical_url": null,
"page_title": null,
"header_title": null,
"paragraph_1": null,
"paragraph_2": null,
"paragraph_3": null,
"image": "/images/original/missing.png"
"slug": "arizona-diamondbacks",
"venue": {
"id": 110,
"slug": "chase-field",
"name": "Chase Field",
"url": "/venue/110",
"slug_url": "/venue/chase-field",
"updated_at": "2014-05-08T13:11:31Z",
"address": {
"street_address": "401 East Jefferson Street",
"extended_address": null,
"locality": "Phoenix",
"region": "AZ",
"postal_code": "85004",
"country_code": "US",
"created_at": "2012-04-12T03:35:30Z"
"category": {
"id": "3",
"name": "MLB",
"slug": "mlb",
"url": "/categories/3",
"slug_url": "/categories/mlb",
"parent": {
"id": "2",
"name": "Baseball",
"slug": "baseball",
"url": "/categories/2",
"slug_url": "/categories/baseball",
"parent": {
"id": "1",
"name": "Sports",
"slug": "sports",
"url": "/categories/1",
"slug_url": "/categories/sports",
"parent": null
"opponents": [],
"venues": []

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